Melchioni Electronics Battery requirement definition

We can support to determine the most suitable battery technology, family and model to meet your needs.
Help us choosing your battery, defining requirements for those projects including batteries.

Key Parameters for Battery Selection

The essential parameters for battery identification include:

  • Capacity
  • Voltage

Additionally, we can optimize the solution based on:

  • Temperature range
  • Desired lifetime
  • Operating cut-off
  • Maximum available dimensions

These criteria allow us to design solutions both electrically and mechanically, ideal either as battery packs or single cells.

High-Quality Partner Suppliers

We collaborate with top-level suppliers to offer the best battery solutions:

  • FDK
  • Panasonic
  • Well Link
  • Varta
  • Energizer
  • Fey
  • Sinter
  • Hengli
  • B.Bat
  • Senzer
  • MKC

Thanks to these partnerships, we ensure reliable and customized solutions for every project.

Battery Requirement Definition Form

    Personal Data

    Technical Specification

    Discharge Profile

    Pulse Discharge 1

    Pulse Discharge 2

    Pulse Discharge 3

    Others Specifications