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Controlling an electric vehicle requires reliable, precise and versatile solutions.

This is why, on Melchioni Ready’s shop online you can find a wide range of Chauvin Arnoux measuring tool for electric vehicles.

Chauvin Arnoux is the french brand leader in test & measurement tool for a large range of applications.

Melchioni Ready and all the measuring tools for electric vehicles on sales

Melchioni Ready offers on its e-commerce site a wide range of Chauvin Arnoux measuring tools, intuitive and simple to use.

In particular, among the products offered on the store it is possible to find:

  • the voltage tester C.A 762
  • the MTX204 digital multimeter
  • the insulation controller megger C.A. 6534 and the insulation tester C.A. 6524
  • the remote control probe
  • the PAC26 clamp meter

Voltage tester C.A 762 Chauvin Arnoux

Model C.A 762 is a voltage tester particularly useful for electricians for verifying the absence of voltage (VAT) in accordance with EN 61423-3 Edition 2.

This instrument can therefore be used for interventions on any internal or external 600 V CAT IV system.

The C.A 762 LED tester allows you to measure voltage and continuity in the event of low voltage. Furthermore, it allows to detect voltages up to 690V for alternating current and 750V for direct current, as well as to carry out polarity tests and sound tests.

MTX204 Chauvin Arnoux digital multimeter

The MTX204 Chauvin Arnoux multimeter can be purchased on the Melchioni Ready e-commerce. It is a TRMS AC + DC digital multimeter which therefore allows the RMS (Root Mean Square) measurement of voltage and current.

This compact instrument can be easily held with one hand. Or, it can be fixed to the carpentry of electrical panels, thanks to the presence of a magnetized sheath. This way, it can be positioned close to your line of sight for hands-free work.

The integrated LED flashlight directly illuminates the measurement point in situations where there is not sufficient lighting. In addition, the blue backlight of the display allows perfect reading.

Finally, the MTX204 model, in addition to the traditional measurements of voltage, current, resistance and capacity of a plant, can be used in the case of:

  • electrical maintenance
  • initial diagnostics of faults on electronic boards
  • check the adjustments of the radiators

Megger C.A. 6534 and insulation tester C.A. 6524 Chauvin Arnoux

The Megger C.A. 6534 and testers C.A. 6524 are compact, light and equipped with:

  • a coating compliant with the safety category of 600V – CAT IV
  • an IP54 / IK04 protection index
  • a magnetic support that allows the instrument to be fixed on a metal surface, leaving the user free to move during the measurements

In addition, both models have a large backlit screen, with double digital display and logarithmic bar graph, and a secondary display that displays the measured value, the real test voltage, the test current and the value of the test in real time. timer.

Probe for remote control Chauvin Arnoux

The remote control probe is also available on our e-commerce.

With this tool it is possible to perfectly identify the measurement points even in environments where lighting is poor. In fact, the probe with the Chauvin Arnoux brand is equipped with a torch function thanks to the presence of a light spot.

PAC26 Chauvin Arnoux current clamp

The current clamp is part of the PAC series, a group of Hall effect clamps. The latter term refers to the potential difference between the opposite faces of an electric conductor, generated by a magnetic field that arises perpendicular to the flow of the electric current.

These models allow you to measure alternating currents, with a sinusoidal trend, and continuous currents, therefore stable over time.

Specifically, this measuring instrument supports AC (alternating) current from 0.5 to 1,000A and DC (direct) current from 0.5 to 1,400A.

In addition, the instrument has an output signal of 1.4 V AC / DC.

Additional feature of the PAC26 Chauvin Arnoux clamp meter are the jaws that can clamp cables up to 2×25.4mm in diameter and small bars.

Chauvin Arnoux: Experts in instrumentation for electric vehicles

Chauvin Arnoux has been a specialist for more than 120 years in the field of instrumentation for electrical and physical measurement.

In detail, the company is active with its products in the sectors:

  • electric
  • electronic
  • industrial
  • automation
  • didactic

Chauvin Arnoux professional measuring instruments are an irreplaceable support for technicians, ensuring a competitive advantage and an efficient and fast service.